Focus on Facts

Join award-winning Adjunct Professor Eric Sussman of UCLA's Anderson School of Management as he brings clarity to how real estate, economics, financial markets, and public policy all intersect.

Features Overview

“How to Lose $20 Billion in a Week”, the Saga of Bill Hwang and Archegos Capital

Season 01 Episode 08                                            30:19

This episode introduces us to Bill Hwang and Archegos Capital, the family office which managed to lose $20 Billion in just one week, and some lessons that investors never seem to learn.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Financial Innovation or Potential Sign of a Market Top

Season 01 Episode 07                                            31:56

In this episode, we will discuss Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SPACs - what they are and what opportunities or pitfalls they might offer investors.

The Latest COVID Relief Bill: Sensible or Senseless

Season 01 Episode 06                                           29:59

This episode takes a detailed look at the recently passed $1.9 trillion relief bill and its potential impact.

“F” is for Fraud

Season 01 Episode 05                                           32:20

This episode provides a brief overview of financial fraud and public policy recommendations to help minimize it.

Bitcoin: Currency of the Future or Just Another Bubble?

Season 01 Episode 04                                            29:10

This episode explores the volatility of Bitcoin - are people getting greedy?  Does it make any sense for investors to own it?

The Three H’s: Housing, Housing Affordability, and Homelessness

Season 01 Episode 03                                            34:12

This episode discusses issues in housing affordability, homelessness, and related public policy implications.

Tesla And Subsidies: A Match Made...

Season 01 Episode 02                                           28:05

In this episode, we use Tesla as a case study to examine the efficacy of state and federal subsidies and tax credits, on which the company has extensively relied.

Focus on Facts: Gamestop

Season 01 Episode 01                                            34:43

Join Eric Sussman in the inaugural episode of Focus on Facts as he introduces his new podcast and discusses how Gamestop created an unprecedented uproar in the stock market.