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Here on The Mortgage Voice, we believe that getting a mortgage should be the way to enter into the wealth-building that all Americans are entitled to. Yes, you should be able to get a loan to afford the house you want. We interview three guests a week who come from all over the industry and all over the country. Information is the way to be able to make the best decision. This is not a commercial, it is the needed information for you to make the best decision. Loan Officers, bankers, agents, account executives, title/escrow officers are just some of the job descriptions of the guests we have on the show. For seven years, providing this service has been part of what we do for the public.

Features Overview

Are House Hunters Taking a Covid Time Out?

Season 01 Episode 20                                            51:45

Jeff ponders the way people have changed their home searching behavior due to Covid concerns.  Health worries and the stress of children going back to in-person classes are some of the reasons fewer people are actively looking for homes.  Is this creating an opening for buyers?  Jeff continues his spotlight on entrepreneurs with guests Joe McKone and Kurt Lehrmann.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home or Start a Business?

Season 01 Episode 19                                            54:56

Jeff invites entrepreneurial experts Tim O'Keefe and Jaime Kinsey to share strategies to help maximize marketing opportunities for new and existing businesses.  With tapering on the horizon and margins shrinking, higher interest rates are in the not-too-distant future.  Guests Bambi Olesky and Nina Penny help decipher what this means for prospective home buyers.

Real Estate - Constantly Evolving and Changing

Season 01 Episode 18                                             51:53

Jeff shares statistics for the housing shortage and how individual cities have such a big effect on determining the current high prices.  Additionally, he introduces the latest strategies mortgage companies are using to try and reach more of the real estate market.  Guests Brenda Scott and Maria Schroeder explore programs available to help buyers with lower income and credit scores.

Rate-and-Term Refi or Cash-Out Refi – How Do You Choose?

Season 01 Episode 17                                             51:39

Jeff explains the differences between Rate-and-Term vs. Cash-Out Refis and Owner-Occupied vs. Non-Owner-Occupied loans.  He also discusses high-risk loans, who invests in them, and why.  Charles Giscombe, George Gonzales, and Patrick Washington bring some clarity to the process of finding the most advantageous loan for every client. 

Why Are Appraisal Protocols So Inconsistent?

Season 01 Episode 16                                            50:04

Jeff sheds light on the manner in which Covid has driven the backlog of home appraisals and created the perplexing duality of low-interest rates/high housing prices.  Gentille Chhun, Mitch McClellan, and Jennifer Conrad give their input on how to navigate a multiple-offer market, what’s happening in talk radio, and the importance of loan officers.

The Ripple Effects of Covid and Weather on Real Estate

Season 01 Episode 15                                             50:15

Jeff investigates how Covid, weather-related incidents, and natural disasters are impacting both the loan application process and the national real estate market in general.  LaWanna Bradford, Eddie Rael, and Darren Woodworth provide perspectives on how different parts of the country are dealing with these issues.

An Interesting Summer in the Housing Market

Season 01 Episode 14                                             52:14

In this episode, Jeff explores the factors involved in creating this most unusual housing market.  What programs are advantageous today compared to those anticipated in the future?  How do rates affect the decision in choosing a QM or non-QM loan?  Jeff’s guests Maria Schroeder, Brenda Scott, and Charles Giscombe help to shed some light on how this summer’s unique circumstances are being addressed. 

Big Surprises and Breakthroughs in the Bond Market

Season 01 Episode 13                                             51:38

Jeff discusses the bond market's unexpected turn, which was the polar opposite of expectations.  How does that correlate to the availability of inventory?  The ability to repay rule is changing, and the QM loans qualifications are evolving with it.  He gains some insight on the home affordability in different markets from guests Jill Denton, Connie Hernandez, and Laura Preege.

Is Real Estate a Contact Sport?

Season 01 Episode 12                                            52:28

Jeff makes sense of the confusing information surrounding the loan-making process and how to best navigate through it.  Guests Noah Schuffman and Bill Orr discuss securitization, niche product offerings, and the drawbacks of a seller's market.

There’s More to a Good Rate Than Just the Lowest Number

Season 01 Episode 11                                              52:21

Jeff details the elements that go into determining how you qualify for the lowest rate - what makes up the rates, how credit scores are used, and the external factors happening in the economy.  Charles Giscombe, Parzad Razi, and Rebekah Fitzgerald discuss getting into a new home now post-COVID, low FICO score programs coupled with manual underwriting, and the advantages of being in the real estate business.

Should You Refi?

Season 01 Episode 10                                             50:16

Jeff explains how interest rates are set, noting the 10-year bond's performance as a crucial component, and why he believes we're in an artificial market because of the way the government purchases debt. His guests, Chris Groves and George Gonzales, discuss new purchases vs. refinancing, appraisal concerns, and which programs are most advantageous to their clients.

Unusual Factors Affecting Homeownership

Season 01 Episode 09                                            51:20

Jeff discusses the problem of the surplus of available jobs relative to negative population growth and how that translates into difficulties in creating homeownership.  He and his guests Alma Carrera and Tomas Trujillo explore bank statement loans for those who are self-employed, non-QM programs, and down payment assistance.

Is Speed an Advantage in Getting the Best Possible Loan?

Season 01 Episode 08                                            51:32

Jeff weighs the pros and cons of trying to get a home loan quickly vs. taking time to get help with researching one that is tailored to your individual needs, Prime/Alt Prime Loans, and wading through the sheer number of other potential buyers in this low-inventory housing market with guests Bill Orr, April Lopez, and Richard Giscombe.

Don’t Settle for a Cookie-Cutter Loan

Season 01 Episode 07                                           52:53

Jeff stresses the importance of finding the right loan officer for your situation and being honest with them during the application process, introduces some of the latest loan programs and financial products, and helps define an “invisible loan” with guests Celia Rios, Taryll Robinson, Reed Blake, and Richard Greene

Is a Non-Traditional (Non-QM) Loan Right for You?

Season 01 Episode 06                                            51:22

Jeff explains the different qualifications needed to obtain a loan, what variables will affect the types of loans prospective homebuyers are eligible to receive, and some of the “shortcuts” to avoid with guests Ryan Bagan, Chris Calderon, and Kim Soash. 

What are the Impediments to Building Affordable Housing?

Season  01 Episode 05                                           51:55

In this episode, Jeff offers solutions to help make it easier to build more affordable housing and talks about what’s new in reverse mortgages with guests Adam Potafy and Nina Penny.

Home Price Appreciation – Is it Sustainable?

Season 01 Episode 04                                           52:49

Jeff discusses whether or not we are experiencing another “Housing Bubble”, entrepreneurs during COVID, integrity in the real estate business, and demystifying the home buying process with guests Ed Peisner, Eddie Rael, and Charles Giscombe.

What Qualities Appeal Most to Lenders?

Season 01 Episode 03                                           52:48

Jeff gives insight into how lenders decide what loans are approved, what changes are on the horizon for qualified loans, and his guests Dean Garrett, Kim Tran, and Wendy Van Wessel discuss programs that are available to prospective homebuyers.

How Can We Help More People Become Homeowners?

Season 01 Episode 02                                            51:33

Jeff explores the scarcity of homes in the marketplace, new loan options, and the issues surrounding making more low-income housing available in communities across the Southland with guests Honey Manderville, Noah Schuffman, and Livier Becerra.

The "Why" Behind Increasing Mortgage Rates

Season 01 Episode 01                                             51:49

Is now a good time to refinance? Jeff breaks down the "why" behind the recent rise in mortgage rates and how these unique times and the mixed bag of investment options in the marketplace will affect your decision, with guests Dr. Jeannie Bertoli, Patrick Washington, and April Lopez.