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Lucy Tseng

Lucy Tseng is a Life & Resilience Coach working with folks who are experiencing major changes, particularly athletes of all levels who are transitioning to life after sports. Additionally, she is part of the development team that raised $5.49 billion during The UCLA Centennial Campaign and focuses on raising funds for scholarships and student support.

With clients internationally, Lucy currently resides in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised.  In 2012, she graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Asian American Studies, and Education Studies. At UCLA as a student, she was involved with several campus organizations including UCLA UniCamp, Pediatric AIDS Coalition, and served as a Resident Assistant for the Office of Residential Life. In 2014, Lucy graduated from the University of San Francisco (Southern CA campus) with a Master’s Degree in Sport Management. Her master's thesis was focused on building a comprehensive life skills program that included development training for student-athletes.

Shortly after grad school, Lucy was recruited to work for Environmental Charter Schools (ECS), where she learned in great depth about the world of business development. After two years of being hands-on with almost every project at this growing charter school network, Lucy returned to her alma mater to contribute to the development team. To this day, she is a very active Bruin alumna and staff member. In July 2020, she was appointed as a Staff Advisor to the UC Board of Regents by President Janet Napolitano.

Lucy's breadth of experience has helped her discover her passion: being a resource to all people. More specifically, her purpose in life is to inspire and support others in finding, pursuing, and living their own passions and purpose.

Outside of working at UCLA and pursuing her passion as a Coach, Lucy is involved with several global and local nonprofit organizations including Rotary International (fighting human trafficking), NextLA (formerly known as Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce), and Delta Sigma Pi International Business Fraternity. She is a proud co-host of After the Glory podcast, featuring stories about elite athletes and their lives outside of sports. Lucy is passionate about living a lifestyle of natural healthcare and serves as a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA, an essentials oils company. Lucy also enjoys staying active and spending time with loved ones, including her furry children @Tunechi_Kobe the huskies.

Gary Stern

Since 1980, Gary N. Stern has been known as a lawyer’s lawyer, passionate about his clients, and equally passionate about bringing honor, dignity, and respect to the legal profession. For nearly 40 years, he has represented people from all walks of life. Those who know Gary know that as steadfast as he is in the pursuit of justice, he is equally committed to professionalism at every stage of a proceeding.  Along the way, Gary has earned the respect and admiration of opposing counsel, judges, mediators, arbitrators, and his fellow trial lawyers.

When not representing his clients, Gary is a passionate fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and since 2005, has been an active participant first with the Dodgers Fantasy Camp in Florida and then with an independent adult baseball camp, LADABC. As a result of Gary’s many baseball fantasy camp experiences, he had the opportunity to get to know several legendary athletes and how their lives had evolved after their playing days were over. He has always found it important for athletes to be recognized for their contribution to the sports world and to the broader society.

Gary has been married to Sandy for 35 years. His son Daniel has a Masters’ Degree in Special Education and works as a private tutor and at The Help Group, the leading education and research institution for autistic children. His daughter Laura retired in 2018 after 7 years as a cast member with Disney on Ice. Laura now works as an Event Coordinator for a prestigious boutique hotel in Redondo Beach, CA.

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Features Overview

Jenny Johnson Jordan

Season 03 Episode 10                                           35:02

Jenny Johnson Jordan is the Associate Head Coach for the UCLA Beach Volleyball program.   She graduated from UCLA in 1996, starring on the indoor women's volleyball team before going on to a world and Olympic career in Beach Volleyball.  And, by the way, Jenny is an integral part of arguably the first family of athletics; her father being the late and great Rafer Johnson, and her uncle, NFL Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson.

Doreena Campbell and Erica Tukiainen - UCLA Basketball to Medicine

Season 03 Episode 09                                           31:37

Rachael Doreena Campbell and Erica Tukiainen were standout players on UCLA’s winning women's basketball team.  Doreena played from 2008 to 2011, Erica from 2007 to 2010.  But both of these women athletes had grand goals for their lives beyond the hardwood, and today are accomplished in the field of medicine, living lives of amazing meaning and purpose beyond their days as elite athletes.

Dani Rodriguez

Season 03 Episode 08                                          33:05

Danielle “Dani” Rodriguez is the new Assistant Coach for the University of San Diego Women’s basketball team.  As you will hear from her appearance on After the Glory, Dani is passionate about basketball and life as she returns to America from a 5-year professional basketball career in Iceland.


Nancy Hogshead-Makar

Season 03 Episode 07                                           34:21

Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D., is an American swimmer who won three gold medals and one silver in the 1984 Summer Olympics.  As the CEO of Champion Women, an organization leading targeted efforts to advocate for equality and accountability in sport, she is arguably the foremost authority in the nation regarding Title IX.  Nancy is passionate and engaging, a true visionary who genuinely embodies the elite athlete who went on to achieve and continue to live a life of profound meaning and purpose.

Rick Barry

Season 03 Episode 06                                         45:40

Rick Barry was voted by his peers as one of the 50 greatest professional basketball players of all time.  A basketball trailblazer, he was an All-American at the University of Miami and an All-NBA player in his first two years before starring in the fledgling American Basketball Association.  Rick is irreverent, opinionated, and never dull, with a passion for life, challenges, and competition that is amazing.

Tyus Edney

Season 03 Episode 05                                           32:10

Tyus Edney, an elite basketball player and member of the UCLA Bruins varsity from 1991-1995, led the Bruins to their first post-John Wooden national championship in 1995.  He will forever be remembered for one of the greatest moments in NCAA ‘March Madness’ history - the ‘4.8-second dash’ to beat Missouri. Tyus continues to this day to be an important figure in UCLA Athletics.

Rick Reichardt

Season 03 Episode 04                                          29:24

Rick Reichardt is one of baseball’s most interesting characters. The last so-called “bonus baby” in major league baseball for the Los Angeles Angels in 1964, Rick played in the MLB until 1974 and was a key figure in the rise of the player’s union that fundamentally changed professional sports.



Chris Kluwe

Season 03 Episode 03                                          33:45

In our Season 3 look at "Trailblazers, Community, and Social Activists" among the former elite athletes of the past few decades, there is no more appropriate guest than elite college and pro football punter Mr. Chris Kluwe.  At age 39, Chris Kluwe has packed more meaning and purpose into his life than most.  The story of Chris Kluwe and the NFL is important and timely.



Megan Hankins-Maldonado

Season 03 Episode 02                                          35:45

Continuing with our Season 3 theme of “Trailblazers, Community, and Social Activists”, you will discover the passion for basketball and people that is Megan Hankins-Maldonado.  Megan has been an elite women’s basketball player and championship coach for over 20 years, all while earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in clinical psychology, marriage, and family therapy. 


George Foster

Season 03 Episode 01                                           37:20

Our third season, themed "Trailblazers, Community, and Social Activists," opens with George Foster, one of the baseball greats of the '70s-'80s. As a Cincinnati Red, he helped lead the team to four National League Pennants and two World Series championships. Jack DeLance, his friend and promotions agent, joins us to talk about how elite athletes stay in touch with fans through promotional opportunities and events that serve as a link between fans and their heroes.

Andy Hill

Season 02 Episode 10                                            38:12

The story of Andy Hill highlights the themes of “After the Glory,” but in ways that might not be readily apparent.  An elite UCLA basketball player in the 1960s,  Andy ended up playing very little for his hero, the legendary Coach John Wooden.  Run-ins with the Coach resulted in a short career as a player that might have been otherwise.  Join us as Andy tells the story of his life with Coach Wooden, beautifully memorialized in his 2001 book “Be Quick - But Don’t Hurry.”


Scott Hamilton

Season 02 Episode 09                                          38:22

Scott Hamilton is the most recognized male figure skating star in the world, with over 70 titles, awards, and honors to date.  After winning Olympic gold in Sarajevo in 1984, he has continued to convey his love and enthusiasm for the sport as an analyst/commentator, performer, producer, and best-selling author.  Scott now hosts an inspiring podcast called “Live Your Days” and shares with us his story of triumph, setback, and recovery.


Marti Reed

Season 02 Episode 08                                          28:43

Marti Reed played softball at UCLA from 2008-2012, where she won a National Championship in 2010 and graduated as Senior of the Year in 2012. She is a trainer, national speaker, the National Partnerships & Marketing Manager of Positive Coaching Alliance, and the author of Utility Player Life: How to Purposefully Leverage Your Experience as an Athlete to Take You Where You Want to Go in Life.



Steve Garvey

Season 02 Episode 07                                          37:29

Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers legend Steve Garvey joins Gary and Lucy in looking back not only at a storybook career but in identifying those moments in his life that set him on a path toward inspiring others, a path Steve continues to travel.  Steve is one of those select few elite athletes who, more than three decades after retiring from the game, is as known throughout the baseball world now as if he just retired yesterday.

Disney on Ice : Laura Stern, Kirstie Nelson, Shannon Brakke

Season 02 Episode 06                                          29:57

Figure skating is often thought of as an individual sport for the amateur who dreams of the Olympics.  In this episode, we feature three young women who established professional careers with Disney on Ice and now look to a future off the ice, but never far from memories that will last forever.  We know you will enjoy hearing from Laura Stern, Kirstie Nelson, and Shannon Brakke.

James Loney

Season 02 Episode 05                                          32:50

James Loney spent 11 years as a major league first baseman, including six years with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Listen in as James talks about his search for just the right endeavor after retirement as a player and the journey that led him to the world of the sports agent.

Thomas R. Williams

Season 02 Episode 04                                           31:36

Thomas “The Hitman” Williams, a 2008 graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Sociology, captained USC’s football team, helping his Trojan teammates achieve a 59-6 record, two National Championships, and three Rose Bowl victories.  He is a motivational speaker who brings his enthusiasm for life to the After the Glory podcast, eager to motivate all elite athletes to plan for greatness even after their playing days are over.

LA Dodgers and The City of Hope

Season 02 Episode 03                                          47:53

Legendary Dodgers Fred Claire, Reggie Smith, and Steve Yeager sit down with the After The Glory team to share their experiences as members of one of the most iconic teams in baseball and pay tribute to the life-saving City of Hope.

Derek Cox

Season 02 Episode 02                                          33:45

Derek Cox, former College of William & Mary cornerback, third-round 2009 NFL draft pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and current Master’s Degree candidate at the UCLA Anderson School of Business, joins the After The Glory team to talk about the business side of being a professional football player.

Valorie Kondos Field

Season 02 Episode 01                                            33:18

Legendary UCLA Gymnastics Coach kicks off Season 2 of “After the Glory” with inspiring and empowering life experiences that apply to any athlete in any sport.

Season 2 Preview

Season 02 Episode 00                                            6:44

Tune in for a preview of our exciting second season featuring Valerie Kondos Field, Derek Cox, James Loney, and many more elite athletes and coaches who are finding glory … "After The Glory”.

Patrick Cowan

Season 01 Episode 10                                             35:14

Former UCLA quarterback and hero of the 2006 victory over rival USC, Patrick Cowan, brings his important perspective about college and pro football to the After the Glory team.

Dr. Mark Stevens

Season 01 Episode 09                                           29:40

Sports psychologist Dr. Mark Stevens, a pioneer in the “men’s movement” and a preeminent expert in “men’s therapy”, shares his experiences with helping athletes face the challenges that accompany transitioning behaviors they’ve learned in the sports culture into positive actions off of the field.

Tina Martin

Season 01 Episode 08                                           23:55

Volleyball star and personal trainer Tina Martin stops by to share how teaching the power of positivity and embracing a can-do spirit are essential gifts that transcend all facets of life, both on the court and off.

Najee Toran

Season 01 Episode 07                                            33:31

Najee Toran was an accomplished offensive and defensive lineman for the UCLA Bruins from 2014-2017 and today is a member of the New England Patriots, but sitting out the 2020 season.  Najee has always played football at the highest level, both now and during his academic career, never failing to achieve stellar grades with an eye toward success in the business world.

Sean Conley

Season 01 Episode 06                                           32:06

Sean Conley is the author of the well-reviewed 2020 book The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned there was More to Life than the NFL.  The title says it all, as Sean talks about his search for meaning, found in his now-wildly successful career with his bride and partner Karen as a yoga instructor and studio owner in Pennsylvania.

Billy Martin, Chip Humphries, Justin Gimelstob

Season 01 Episode 05                                           37:29

The athlete who engages in an individual sport at the highest level also faces challenges as they prepare for life “after the glory.”  Tennis is one such sport and is represented here by nationally respected UCLA head tennis coach Billy Martin, his former player/team manager, Chip Humphries, and international star Justin Gimelstob.

Jerry Reuss

Season 01 Episode 04                                           39:48

One of only twenty-nine Major Leaguers to play in four different decades, Jerry Reuss pitched for eight teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates twice. So when Reuss tells his story, he covers about as much of baseball life as any player can.

Ann Meyers Drysdale

Season 01 Episode 03                                           34:03

Olympian and WNBA Hall of Famer Ann Meyers Drysdale shares her ground-breaking and inspirational journey to become one of the foremost athletes in women's basketball with the After The Glory team.

Roman Phifer

Season 01 Episode 02                                           30:35

UCLA Football Star and three-time New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion Roman Phifer visits with the After The Glory team!

Carl Erskine

Season 01 Episode 01                                            49:53

Gary Stern and Lucy Tseng, the After The Glory team, talk about the amazing lives of Carl and Betty Erskine.