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Ever since he can remember, host Mike Anderson has loved all things financial. As a nationally known investment advisor and licensed fiduciary, he has a passion to share his expertise to help people navigate the ever-changing financial path to and through retirement. On The Anderson Files, joined by experts in the fields of economics, commerce, investment and retirement, Mike sources the most relevant information available to enable listeners to make well-informed financial decisions.

Features Overview

Economic and Markets Update

The Anderson Files host, Mike Anderson, is the show’s guest.  Mike shares and discusses current economic and markets updates with guest host, Mark Alyn.  Find out what’s happening around the election, the pandemic, a recovering economy and a possible stimulus package.

How Do You Generate Income When Yields Are Almost Nothing?

How do you generate income when yields are almost nothing?  Mike speaks with Kevin Simpson, Portfolio Manager of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC, who shares his strategy to generate income with investing in best of breed equities.

California Proposition 15: Commercial Real Estate Tax Increase - What You Need to Know

Attorney Norma J. Williams, the principal in Williams & Associates, talks with Mike on what exactly Prop. 15 entails, the pros and cons for commercial real estate and the impact on the State.   Tune in and learn what you need to know. 

Virtual Networking in the Age of Social Distancing

Virtual networking in the age of social distancing - how can it benefit you?  Mike talks with author Bill Saleebey, Ph.D., known as Dr. Bill, as he shares insights on how critically important virtual networking is to you, your practice, profession and work.

Estate Planning: What Really Matters?

Estate planning, your assets, your liabilities, your family - are you doing the right thing?  How is the pandemic affecting estate planning?  Mike talks with trust attorney Larry Davis, who brings clarity to this complex subject to help you plan better.

Servicing Clients, Finding Prospects During the Pandemic

Mike chats with Mitch Haber, of OneAmerica Retirement, on servicing clients and finding prospects during COVID-19.  Mitch gives an effective game plan to continue to move your business forward in these challenging times.

White Collar Crime - What is it?

Manny Medrano, criminal trial attorney, shares with us a look at what exactly is white collar crime, its presence in American society, how COVID-19 has affected the criminal courts and his best advice to someone being investigated for committing a crime.


What is the CARES Act?

Mike and co-host Mark Alyn look at how the CARES Act will affect business and Americans during the pandemic.

COVID-19 and the Market

Jeff Saut, well known for his insightful and colorful commentary, is featured on this episode.

What is the Private Directors Association?

Dennis Kessler and Martha Spano visit with Mike and share how the Private Directors Association (PDA) works with small business.

Retirement Savings Behavior

Katherine Roy of J.P. Morgan Funds talks about how retirement savings have been affected by Covid-19.

America and Retirement

Kevin Palm, one of America's retirement plan design experts, talks with Mike Anderson.

Taxes and the Pandemic

Taxes, the IRS and the Pandemic - CPA Ernest Howard shares with Mike what you should be concerned about now and what lies ahead.

COVID-19 and Real Estate

How is the pandemic affecting the buying and selling of real estate for consumers? Jeff Barton gives Mike an update on what you can expect from both sides of the housing market in these unprecidented times.

Creating Liquidity in Real Estate

Mike talks with Tom Donahue about the benefits and liabilities of investing in real estate.

COVID-19 and Bankruptcy

Will COVID-19 bankrupt more people than it kills? James Di Virgilio shares his thoughts.

Federal Stimulus Package

Rep. Judy Chu discusses the Federal Stimulus Package in response to the Pandemic.


Returning to Work in a COVID-19 World

What are the legal obligations employers need to know as more businesses are being given the greenlight to reopen?  Mike's guest, employment attorney Debbie Birndorf, explains how employers can ready their workplaces for employees to return to work.

Teamwork and COVID-19

Carrie Lauby is an LA-based sales consultant. She talks with Mike about teamwork and business. 

About the SBCA

Discover how the SBCA (Small Business Council of America) helps small business throughout the United States as Mike chats with Paula Calimafde, chair of this national organization.


Mike discusses California AB-5 and how it will be catastrophic to many California businesses with Ernest Howard, CPA, part of the key leadership of CalCPA.