Masters of Dispute Resolution

Len Levy, a mediator for more than two decades and a neutral on the ADR Services, Inc. panel of neutrals, is a member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and has been recognized as a SuperLawyer in Alternative Dispute Resolution since 2014.  Len has the tools necessary to help parties settle disputes and knows the most effective means of satisfying the interests of parties in conflict.  On Masters of Dispute Resolution, Len, joined by some of the most respected neutrals in the field, will reveal to those participating in mediation the secrets of success in achieving their clients’ goals.  

Features Overview

Making Settlement Possible: Bringing Parties into a Bargaining Range

Season 01 Episode 03                                           29:00

Wendy Kramer, a full-time neutral on the ADR Services, Inc. panel of neutrals, is one of the most sought-after mediators with a reputation of being highly effective in bringing parties to resolution.  Wendy joins Len for an immensely informative discussion on how to bring the parties into a bargaining range, making settlement possible.  

Lessons from a Former Track Coach: Effectively Dealing with Polarized Parties

Season 01 Episode 02                                           34:38

Bob Friedenberg, a full-time Mediator and Arbitrator on the Panel of Neutrals of ADR Services, Inc., and a former litigator, educator, and track coach, joins Len to discuss what can be done to reach a resolution when the parties have issues between them that precludes any meaningful communication.  It's a discussion you will not want to miss.

Perspectives on Mediation

Season 01 Episode 01                                            25:30

Guest host Mark Alyn chats with Len Levy about the role of the mediator others in mediation, the value of mediation in attaining the parties’ goals by using resources wisely, and mediator selection based on background and style.  What considerations should go into a decision to mediate?  Tune in to find out.