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Fred Wallin is a long-time local and national radio and TV sports talk host.  With over 40 years on the air, he is a familiar voice from KABC’s Sportstalk in Los Angeles, CA, and has brought his unique, informed, no-nonsense reporting style to sports media markets around the country. Fred is heavily focused on every aspect of sports - media, business, collectibles, and sports wagering of all kinds - and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with listeners.

Features Overview

The Big Shakeup at USC


Fred and Art share the big college football news coming out of Art’s alma mater, USC - the firing of Clay Helton.  Who is next in line to helm the Trojans?  Julio Urias has an 18-3 record this year and is vying for the Cy Young award, the Dodgers and Giants are edging ever closer to a playoff berth, and Nick Rolovich says no to the Covid vaccine.

More Covid Craziness in the Sports World


Fred and Art ponder the constantly unfolding series of strange events in sports as a result of Covid.  Hunter Renfroe claims that MLB has told the Red Sox to stop Covid testing, and Levi Stadium has backpedaled on their spectator vaccination policy.  Elsewhere, do the Dodgers have a chance against the Giants, and can Le’Veon Bell help the Ravens?

It’s Labor Day Weekend – Time for College Football


Summer is almost over and that means college football season is here.  Fred and Art have predictions for a few high-profile games, as well as opinions on a conference that's better than most people think.  What does the future hold for UCLA’s Chip Kelly?  Who has Bill Belichick signed as QB for the Patriots?  And in baseball, can Dave Roberts lead the Dodgers to win the division over the Giants? 

A Whole Lotta Innings and Not a Lotta Scorin’ Goin’ On


The Dodgers/Padres game went 16 innings, leaving Fred and Art wondering if anyone in the MLB knows how to bunt anymore.   What are AJ Pollock's chances of staying in the Dodger's starting lineup when Mookie Betts returns?   Sony Michel has joined the Rams, and now that ESPN has parted ways with Rachel Nichols, what does her future hold?  

Sports During Covid - Should the Season Even Continue?


Fred and Art examine the new LA County mandate on mask-wearing at outdoor events, including sports, for more than 10,000 people, and the Las Vegas Raiders are requiring proof of vaccination.  How will fans react?  Baseball card collecting as we know it is changing, Lebron James is not happy, and there’s a Bruin reunion at the Staples Center.

If You Build it, They Will Come – The Real Field of Dreams Game


That immortal cinematic tagline has been proved true - and not just as the cornfield made famous in the movie.  Fred and Art talk about the Dyersville, Iowa game that Shoeless Joe would have loved to be part of, the surge of Covid cases resulting in rule changes all across sports, and the wild deals happening in basketball.

No Gold Medals for Olympics Ratings


Fred and Art compare experiences on how tough it’s been for viewers to enjoy the Olympics and examine why the ratings have been so low.  The NFL Hall of Fame game is turning out to be mission impossible for wagerers, Cody Bellinger is having a tough time, and there’s a mess to be cleaned up in Vegas.  Covid continues to affect all aspects of life - are we losing ground from opening up too soon?

Time for Tough Decisions


In this episode, Fred and Art explore the continuing effect of Covid on the Olympics specifically and the sports world in general.  It’s also time for the trades in baseball and basketball, so who will the Dodgers bring on board along with Danny Duffy?  And is the Staples Center big enough for the Lakers to have two team leaders?


Sports Media and the Olympic Games


Fred and Art discuss the reassignment of a sports announcer who lost high profile jobs over anti-gay comments while others who have also made objectionable remarks remain on the air, why the Summer Olympics have commenced (when they really shouldn’t), and a hard broadcasting lesson they’ve both learned.

Controversy at ESPN


In sports business and media this week, Fred and Art discuss what the heck is going on at ESPN as two broadcasters have come off as being racists in nature.  It will be interesting to see what ESPN does - if anything.


Covid Protocols and a Big Win for the Clippers


Fred and Art question whether Covid protocols are stringent enough in sports, as Chris Paul and Jon Rahm were asymptomatic then tested positive. The Clippers pulled off an amazing win with several players on the bench due to injuries, LeBron James has some ideas as to why so many players are out in the NBA, Jimmy Kimmel gets his own college Bowl Game, and there’s a new head of the Pac-12.

Draft Week and the Aaron Rodgers Outlook


Fred Wallin is joined by guest Art Sorce of Galaxy Sports and a former kicker for the Rams and USC Trojans.  In this episode, they talk hot dogs, Aaron Rodgers, the NFL Draft, and Idiocy in baseball.