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Fred Wallin is a long-time local and national radio and TV sports talk host.  With over 40 years on the air, he is a familiar voice from KABC’s Sportstalk in Los Angeles, CA, and has brought his unique, informed, no-nonsense reporting style to sports media markets around the country. Fred is heavily focused on every aspect of sports - media, business, collectibles, and sports wagering of all kinds - and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with listeners.

Features Overview

The Big Kerfuffle in the World of Golf


Fred and Art weigh in on the continuing backlash over golf's new LIV League, with Phil Mickelson seeming to be the target for most of the barbs.  Where does PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan stand?  Can the Golden State Warriors clinch the NBA finals in Game 6, or will it go to Game 7?  How many pitches did Tyler Anderson throw, and does Austin Ekeler really want fewer snaps?

Controversy on the Course


Fred and Art handicap this week’s big-ticket sporting events, with the inaugural LIV League tournament kicking off the Saudi-funded pro golfing tour in London.  What impact will this have on Phil Mickelson’s career?  Will Tiger Woods be the next pro to join up?  Were the Phillies right to let Joe Girardi go?  And which horse will claim the third jewel in the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes? 

The NBA Finals are Here at Last


Fred and Art debate the pros and cons of professional golfers opting to play outside the country and independently of the PGA tour.  Should players like Dustin Johnson be able to compete anywhere in the world?  The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics are poised to battle it out for the NBA title as the Finals begin – will Steph Curry or Jaylen Brown score the most points?  And what NBA team is Phil Knight eyeing?

A Devastating School Shooting and Goodnight to a Goodfella


Fred and Art reflect on the tragedy of a horrific school shooting in Texas where 21 children and teachers lost their lives, with several others injured.  They also mourn the sudden passing of Ray Liotta, remembered for his roles in Goodfellas and Field of Dreams.  What advertising deal did Bronny James just land?  Will Chip Kelly make good on his contract extension?  And should the NFL keep the Pro Bowl?

Golf, Football Feuds, and The Preakness


Fred and Art delve into who is playing in - and who is notably absent from - the PGA Tournament in Tulsa.  Is the media being unfair to Phil Mickelson?  What is causing the major rift between college football coaching giants Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher?  And which horses have a better chance in The Preakness with Rich Strike passing on the middle jewel of the Triple Crown?

Last-Minute Longshot Stuns at Churchill Downs


Fred and Art were shocked at Rich Strike’s incredible win at the 2022 Kentucky Derby.   The long-shot eleventh-hour entry in the Run for the Roses blew by the favorites to an unexpected victory.  Does he have a shot at the Triple Crown?  Will Phil Mickelson defend his PGA Championship title amid his recent controversy?  And is anyone surprised at Tom Brady’s announcement?

The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports


Fred and Art place their bets as the Kentucky Derby commences on Saturday.  Banned trainer Bob Baffert won’t be in attendance but still has ties to the legendary race.  Could there be an upset?  What are the ramifications of the NCAA’s NIL policy, how has MLB changed under Rob Manfred, which team snapped up QB Kenny Pickett in the NFL Draft, and why was Wayne Player dismissed from Augusta?  

Looking Ahead to the NFL Draft


Fred prognosticates about the upcoming NFL draft with a look at the talented Drake London.  Does he have a good chance of being an early pick?  What’s up with Chip Kelly and the transfer portal?  Who will be running the NCAA when Mark Emmert steps down, and where could Kyrie Irving be going?

Sports Announcers Ain’t What They Used to Be


Fred and Art lament the current dramatic shift of on-air sports announcing from the solo style of legends Vin Scully and Chick Hearn to an “everyone’s an expert” free-for-all.  Is HBO's Winning Times doing the ‘80s Lakers justice?  What do Cooper Kupp and Drake London have in Common?  And how is 2022 shaping up for Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers? 

Roberts Pulls Kershaw After Seven Perfect Innings


Fred delves into the questions surrounding the latest happenings in baseball, basketball, and college sports.  Why did Dave Roberts pull Clayton Kershaw so early in his first game of the season?  Are critics underestimating the Dodgers, with four MVP hitters in their primary lineup?  And which of Mick Cronin’s Bruins is making an early exit for the NBA?

Tiger's Back in Augusta


Fred and Art are thrilled that golfing legend Tiger Woods is playing in the Masters once more, reminding fans of his incredible talent and ability to overcome obstacles.  Does he have a shot at winning the tournament?  Why is Laker Anthony Davis injured, how did Mick Cronin’s decisions affect UCLA’s chances in the NCAA tourney, and what is the transfer portal doing to college sports?

Announcers Collect Big Money, But Do the Fans Follow?


Fred and Art compare the commentating styles of on-air personalities, pondering whether or not their contributions to sporting events merit the recent gigantic paydays.  Do they bring in more viewers or detract from the quality of the broadcast?  Is Mick Cronin of UCLA using his players to the team’s best advantage, when can we see LeBron James back on the court, and how will the newest Ram, Bobby Wagner, fare in LA after the astroturf of Seattle?

Amazon Welcomes Thursday Night Football Home


Fred and Art marvel over the new deal for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football franchise.  How many billions (with a capital B) did Amazon Prime Video spend?  UCLA is still in the NCAA tournament, the Lakers are squeaking by while the Clippers have a star-studded injured list, and the Rams may have put together one of the most formidable foursomes in football.

Big Moves in the Sports World


Fred and Art discuss the shifting players in the NFL, MLB, and broadcasting arenas.  Is former Ram Von Miller heading to colder climes?  The Dodgers have a new first baseman in Freddie Freeman, but will some veteran players continue wearing Dodger Blue?  More sports commentators are switching seats, and the college basketball tournament is heating up under coaches Mick Cronin and Tommy Lloyd.  What’s ahead for their respective teams?

America’s Pastime is Back


Fred and Art are excited that baseball negotiations are over and the season will start on schedule.   They aren’t too sure about some of the new rules and think that a lot still needs to be done to make things more fan-friendly.  Did Rob Manfred base the decisions on money and not for the good of the game?  The NFL is shuffling quarterbacks, so where are Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz heading next?  

Baseball Negotiations and Basketball Rivalries


Fred and Art wonder if the MLB is considering the legions of fans during the seemingly endless rounds of disagreements between the owners and players.  Will fans even be able to afford games and then have to deal with a shorter season as well?  There’s a new Laker in town, UCLA and USC face off as the NCAA basketball tournament draws near, and why aren’t the Rams checking out new talent at the Combine?

Familiar Faces in Different Places


Fred’s on his own this week as he looks into the latest happenings with LeBron James and the Lakers, Andy Enfield's possible departure from USC, and the network shuffle of football commentators Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, and Al Michaels.  Who’s going where, and for how much?  And can everyone in the MLB just get along so that the season can get rolling?

Rams Bring Home Super Bowl LVI Trophy


Fred and Art break down the different ways the very close Super Bowl could have ended during the nail-biting finish.  Could Cincinnati’s kicker Evan McPherson have turned the game around?  Does Rams’ coach Sean McVay plan to stay with the team after their win?  And will Anthony Davis be well enough to get back on the court for the Lakers before the end of the season?  

A Big Day in the NBA


Fred flies solo as he ponders the looming NBA trade deadline.  Will Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and coach Frank Vogel of the Lakers still be wearing purple and gold tomorrow?  Mick Cronin's UCLA Bruins are playing cross-town rivals USC on Saturday, and there just might be something big happening on Sunday (hint: it’s the second biggest food holiday in America) – are you ready?

Super Bowl Tickets Cost HOW MUCH?


Fred and Art are shocked at the astronomical rates the NFL is charging for even the cheapest Super Bowl seats at SoFi Stadium.  Are fans priced out of the game?  And Brian Flores isn’t happy with the NFL either.  Tom Brady has officially retired, the multitalented Terry Bradshaw is the focus of a new documentary, and UCLA’s Mick Cronin is giving his players time to shine.

The NFC and AFC Championships are Here


Fred and Art have a lot to say about Aaron Rodgers, Anthony Davis, Antonio Brown, and Bruce Arians, but the question uppermost in their minds is – who’s going to Super Bowl LVI?  The NFC and AFC Championships are this weekend, with San Francisco, LA, Cincinnati, and Kansas City all just a step away from the biggest game of the year.  There’s some exciting gridiron action ahead on Sunday! 

The Pros and Cons of the Transfer Portal


Fred and Art weigh in on watching the UCLA vs. Utah basketball game without Bill Walton’s commentary, Chip Kelly’s job status, and the latest ruling on the NCAA transfer portal.  Have more problems been created rather than solved?  What exactly is LeBron James’ role with the Lakers, and why did Russell Westbrook make an early exit from a recent game?

Omicron and Indoor Arenas


With Omicron dominating the scene, Fred and Art are trying to figure out why pandemic protocols differ for college and pro indoor sports, as UCLA’s Pauley Pavillion and USC’s Galen Center are now restricting live attendance to family only for their basketball games.  Will Russell Westbrook say goodbye to the Lakers, and what was the reason behind Brandon Staley’s call in the Chargers/Raiders game?

Dealing with Pandemic Hurdles


Fred and Art examine the difficulties faced in sports as we continue to battle through this pandemic, questioning whether indoor sports should even be played at this time.  Where does that leave the Super Bowl in LA and March Madness?  Why is Novak Djokovic at odds with Australia, what happened between Antonio Brown and Tampa Bay, and should Aaron Rodgers be considered for MVP?

Seeking an Attitude Adjustment in Sports


Fred and Art discuss what they feel is becoming more prevalent in the world of sports - the attitude of entitlement.  What happened to the love of the game and duty to the fans?  The guys have a lot to say about Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, the almost Holiday Bowl, and bid a sad farewell to a true NFL legend.

The Ever-Changing Rules for Sports and Covid


Fred and Art comment on how decisions made one week are called into question the next when it comes to players and Covid.  Will Kyrie Irving be allowed to play amid restrictions?  Did Adam Silver and Bruce Arians make the safest decisions for their teams?  And how about more field time for JT Daniels?

Covid, Covid and More Covid


With Covid running rampant through sports right now, Fred and Art speculate whether or not there will be a Super Bowl.  How about the fast-approaching college football Bowl Season?  Can NCAA Basketball look forward to March Madness?  What does the future hold for Russell Westbrook?  And what happened between Urban Meyer and Josh Lambo?

A Difficult Season for the Lakers


Fred and Art have a lot of ideas as to why the Lakers have had such a tough season.  From Frank Vogel and LeBron James to egos and age-related injuries, there’s much work ahead to ensure a better 2022.  In college football news: will Chip Kelly rejoin the Oregon Ducks, is the transfer portal a good thing, and who’s taking home the Heisman?


NFL Suspension for Antonio Brown


Fred and Art wonder why Antonio Brown has been suspended by the NFL, but Aaron Rodgers hasn’t in the continuing Covid saga.  A lot is happening on the college coaching carousel with Brian Kelly heading to LSU and Lincoln Riley joining the Trojans, and the MLB lockout is sure to bring changes for the 2022 season.

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend - Are You Ready for Some Football?


Fred and Art are ready to settle in for a long holiday weekend of sports.  This football season has been a roller coaster for both the NFL and NCAA, and more surprises are likely in store before it’s over. The Chargers have a great QB in Justin Herbert, there’s a heartbreaking revelation out of the University of Michigan, and Mark Few’s Gonzaga team is showing great promise.

Football, Football, Football!


Fred and Art have a lot of gridiron turf to cover this week - from players gaming Covid protocols, to owning a chunk of your favorite NFL team, to NCAA award nominees, to cross-town rivalries, to the great college coaching shuffle – and you have front row seats on the 50-yard line.

Hey NFL Refs – What’s with the Crazy Calls?


Fred and Art are concerned about what they believe has been poor officiating in the NFL recently, and the impact this could have on the players.  Aaron Rodgers and State Farm aren’t as cozy as before, and Mark Davis has brought DeSean Jackson, who can be controversial, onboard in Las Vegas.  Will it help the Raiders?

A Tough Week for the NFL


Fred and Art discuss the turmoil happening in the NFL - Aaron Rodgers has Covid, after being less than truthful about his vaccination status (spoiler alert: he said he was vaccinated when he wasn’t), Henry Suggs was let go from the Raiders and is facing prison after a devastating crash, and there are hard Covid safety decisions to be made for the Super Bowl.  Will Chip Kelly stay at UCLA?

Did the Braves Win or Did the Dodgers Lose?


Fred Wallin flies solo this week, offering some theories as to why the Dodgers lost in the NLCS. Shouldn't Gavin Lux have been allowed to play where he could best help the team?  Did Atlanta just play better baseball?  UCLA Basketball is looking good, LeBron James and the Lakers are in a slump, and hockey has a lot to answer for when it comes to Kyle Beach.

Down to the Wire for the Dodgers


Fred and Art believe it’s all hands on deck for the Dodgers if they want to stay in the race for the pennant.  They’ve been running through pitchers, trying to work around all of the injuries, and Julio Urias has let Gavin Lux know he was less than pleased with him.  Coaches Ed Orgeron and Nick Rolovich have been shown the door In college football - what’s next for LSU and Washington State?

It’s Anybody’s Game in the NLDS Final


Fred and Art prognosticate about the final game of the NLDS showdown between the Dodgers and Giants, with Gabe Kapler juggling the Giants' lineup as the Dodgers remove Julio Urias as the starter in an 11th-hour pitching change.  Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Football team is under investigation, USC is struggling, and the Lakers are down another man.

The Dodgers Clinch a Playoff Berth


Fred and Art recount the intrigue and excitement of the winner-take-all NL Wildcard game, where Chris Taylor’s walk-off home run led the Dodgers to victory over the Cardinals.  Kyrie Irving continues to spurn the vaccine, putting his playing time into question, ESPN has suspended commentator Sage Steele, and where were the masks at Dodger Stadium?

The Race to the National League Playoffs Heats Up


With the NL Playoffs coming down to the wire for the Dodgers and Giants, Fred and Art have a lot of predictions about how it will turn out.  Cody Bellinger is back and Gavin Lux hit the wall (literally) in the Dodgers' amazing game against the Padres, the Rams’ Matt Stafford is a strong candidate for the NFL MVP, and it's going to be a big weekend in football.

The Life of a Legend Through the Lens of a Master Storyteller


Fred and Art marvel over the phenomenal eight-hour Muhammad Ali documentary by Ken Burns.  The Dodgers race with the Giants for the division title couldn’t be closer, there’s a positive Covid diagnosis for announcer Joe Davis, and could Max Muncy be the NL MVP?  A high-scoring game between UCLA and Stanford is anticipated, USC is shuffling quarterbacks due to injury, and then there’s the ongoing saga of the Pac-12 Network…

The Big Shakeup at USC


Fred and Art share the big college football news coming out of Art’s alma mater, USC - the firing of Clay Helton.  Who is next in line to helm the Trojans?  Julio Urias has an 18-3 record this year and is vying for the Cy Young award, the Dodgers and Giants are edging ever closer to a playoff berth, and Nick Rolovich says no to the Covid vaccine.

More Covid Craziness in the Sports World


Fred and Art ponder the constantly unfolding series of strange events in sports as a result of Covid.  Hunter Renfroe claims that MLB has told the Red Sox to stop Covid testing, and Levi Stadium has backpedaled on their spectator vaccination policy.  Elsewhere, do the Dodgers have a chance against the Giants, and can Le’Veon Bell help the Ravens?

It’s Labor Day Weekend – Time for College Football


Summer is almost over and that means college football season is here.  Fred and Art have predictions for a few high-profile games, as well as opinions on a conference that's better than most people think.  What does the future hold for UCLA’s Chip Kelly?  Who has Bill Belichick signed as QB for the Patriots?  And in baseball, can Dave Roberts lead the Dodgers to win the division over the Giants? 

A Whole Lotta Innings and Not a Lotta Scorin’ Goin’ On


The Dodgers/Padres game went 16 innings, leaving Fred and Art wondering if anyone in the MLB knows how to bunt anymore.   What are AJ Pollock's chances of staying in the Dodger's starting lineup when Mookie Betts returns?   Sony Michel has joined the Rams, and now that ESPN has parted ways with Rachel Nichols, what does her future hold?  

Sports During Covid - Should the Season Even Continue?


Fred and Art examine the new LA County mandate on mask-wearing at outdoor events, including sports, for more than 10,000 people, and the Las Vegas Raiders are requiring proof of vaccination.  How will fans react?  Baseball card collecting as we know it is changing, Lebron James is not happy, and there’s a Bruin reunion at the Staples Center.

If You Build it, They Will Come – The Real Field of Dreams Game


That immortal cinematic tagline has been proved true - and not just as the cornfield made famous in the movie.  Fred and Art talk about the Dyersville, Iowa game that Shoeless Joe would have loved to be part of, the surge of Covid cases resulting in rule changes all across sports, and the wild deals happening in basketball.

No Gold Medals for Olympics Ratings


Fred and Art compare experiences on how tough it’s been for viewers to enjoy the Olympics and examine why the ratings have been so low.  The NFL Hall of Fame game is turning out to be mission impossible for wagerers, Cody Bellinger is having a tough time, and there’s a mess to be cleaned up in Vegas.  Covid continues to affect all aspects of life - are we losing ground from opening up too soon?

Time for Tough Decisions


In this episode, Fred and Art explore the continuing effect of Covid on the Olympics specifically and the sports world in general.  It’s also time for the trades in baseball and basketball, so who will the Dodgers bring on board along with Danny Duffy?  And is the Staples Center big enough for the Lakers to have two team leaders?


Sports Media and the Olympic Games


Fred and Art discuss the reassignment of a sports announcer who lost high profile jobs over anti-gay comments while others who have also made objectionable remarks remain on the air, why the Summer Olympics have commenced (when they really shouldn’t), and a hard broadcasting lesson they’ve both learned.

Controversy at ESPN


In sports business and media this week, Fred and Art discuss what the heck is going on at ESPN as two broadcasters have come off as being racists in nature.  It will be interesting to see what ESPN does - if anything.


Covid Protocols and a Big Win for the Clippers


Fred and Art question whether Covid protocols are stringent enough in sports, as Chris Paul and Jon Rahm were asymptomatic then tested positive. The Clippers pulled off an amazing win with several players on the bench due to injuries, LeBron James has some ideas as to why so many players are out in the NBA, Jimmy Kimmel gets his own college Bowl Game, and there’s a new head of the Pac-12.

Draft Week and the Aaron Rodgers Outlook


Fred Wallin is joined by guest Art Sorce of Galaxy Sports and a former kicker for the Rams and USC Trojans.  In this episode, they talk hot dogs, Aaron Rodgers, the NFL Draft, and Idiocy in baseball.