Late Night Health

Late Night Health is designed to empower healthcare consumers to take charge of their own health. The show started when our host, Mark Alyn, experienced back pain and his insurance company refused to cover the problem.

Partnering with “The Insane Darrell Wayne” resulted in the creation of an upbeat, unique program showcasing a wide range of health topics - from energy healing to the latest techniques to fight cancer, the show is a blend of traditional and alternative health modalities.

Being health consumers just like you, our focus is on what’s good for people, not Big Pharma or insurance companies. Join Mark and Darrell on our journey to great health on Late Night Health - available on the radio stations listed below or search for individual shows through our website and download them to your preferred mobile devices.

You can also listen on iTunes, Spreaker, PodcastAddict, SoundCloud, Spotify, RadioActive and through many of your favorite apps.

Features Overview

Is America Healthy?

A look at health in America with the president of Organics & Natural Health.

Heart Health and Longevity

The latest thoughts about heart health with D. James DiNicolantonio. 

The Herbal Pharmacist

David Foreman joins Mark Alyn for an informal discussion on health and supplements. 

Natural Health

Steve Ribus talks about the health of America and natural food products. 

An Angel Told Me So

Michael McAdams talks with Mark Alyn about how his mother talked with angels.

Aging With Attitude

A new book “Growing Old Sucks - But It Doesn’t Have To” is featured in a special video. 

Cannabis Oasis

A Look at the 160 acre Coachillin’ business park in Palm Spring, California.