Home Price Appreciation – Is it Sustainable?

Jeff tackles the question of whether or not the real estate market is in another “Bubble” and sheds light on why he believes this market is different from 2008, citing more secure, conservative loans and how homeowners are being more diligent about protecting the equity they’ve built.  His guests this week include:

- Ed Peisner of ofsms.org, the Organization for Social Media Safety, talks about protecting children on social media and being an entrepreneur during COVID.

- Eddie Rael from Realty 1 of New Mexico examines how to help buyers write offers that are more attractive to sellers and stresses the importance of integrity in business.

- Charles Giscombe of Malibu Funding shares how important it is to demystify the home buying process for first-time buyers, which is made easier by new loan programs and more opportunities in the market.