Friendship and Business: A Recipe for Success or Conflict?

Stacie Feldman Hausner, one of the most effective mediators and professors of mediation, has impressed attorneys, their clients, and fellow mediators with her deep knowledge of the intricacies of the mediation process and her ability to apply those concepts to successfully mediate more than 1,000 cases in a variety of substantive areas.  Her classes on mediation reflect her passion for the subject and are very much in demand, as are her training sessions for other mediators.  In this episode, Stacie tells the story of two longtime friends and a business opportunity gone wrong, resulting in an emotional dispute affecting their friendship, families, and community, and the healing made possible by mediation.

Stacie Feldman Hausner has mediated full-time since 2015, after a 20-year career as a litigator of business, entertainment, employment, and complex personal injury cases, including multi-party litigation.  In 2016 Ms. Hausner received an LLM in Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute at Pepperdine University School of Law.  Stacie is a member of the ADR Services, Inc. panel of neutrals, where she mediates in the areas of business, personal injury, employment, real estate, insurance coverage, construction defect, and intellectual property law.

Counsel have consistently praised Ms. Hausner for settling disputes in an empathetic, caring, and tenacious manner and for showing the intelligence and skills needed to guide parties toward settlement, regardless of the emotional or legal complexity of the matters in dispute.  She has also been commended by counsel for remaining invested in the process, even after the time allotment for the mediation, and for diligently following up with cases that did not initially settle through the final resolution of the issue.

To learn more about Stacie Feldman Hausner, visit the ADR Services website at, or contact her Case Manager, Chelsea Mangel at ADR Services, Inc. at (310)201-0010.