Sean Conley

Today we veer from elite athletes who experienced the highs and lows of relatively long careers at the top of their sport, to someone who discovered that, all too often, the price for getting there is not a price worth paying.  Sean Conley was an elite placekicker in college, signed by pro teams only to discover the dark underbelly of the physical and emotional price many have to pay if they want an NFL career.  Instead, Sean got out, and, in the process, discovered himself and the passion he had for living and helping others to discover their best selves.  In his 2020 book The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned there was More to Life than the NFL (available at Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble), Sean offers a candid view of the NFL, one of the most intense workplaces in sports.  Conley describes pushing through pain at NFL training camps surrounded by rookies, All-Pro veterans and long-shot undrafted free agents, all hell-bent on staying in the game.  He recounts the insecurities he dealt with on and off the field and the despair that overtook him when his career ended.  But while Conley thought life was over, it was just beginning.  Transcending football, Sean talks about being an ex–football player who discovered the true meaning of sports and life, and found happiness in the most unexpected way.  Embodying the spirit of the underdog, this is a moving tale of strength, determination, and spiritual grit.