Are House Hunters Taking a Covid Time Out?

Covid fears have added extra layers of complexity to things people need to think about when they are making decisions about things that are already fraught with emotion.  Many people will not take chances with their health at this time by venturing out to look at homes for sale or are worried about changing from homeschooling their children to being back on school campuses.  Situations such as these are causing fewer people to actively go house hunting, leaving more inventory on the market.  With proper precautions, there could be a great opportunity of finding that new home, especially if considering a move from expensive locations to different areas where a dollar will buy more.

The Fed is trying to stave off a “Taper Tantrum” by signaling way in advance their planned gradual reduction of government-sponsored spending on treasuries and mortgage-backed securities to prepare investors for changes in rates.  Since they control the money supply and the stimulus funds going into the economy, purposefully giving the public time to plan purchases should, in theory, keep the markets from spiraling out of control as they have done in the past.  Jeff’s guests this week include:

- Joe McKone of Empire Home Loans talks about helping mortgage lending entrepreneurs with leading technology. 

- Kurt Lehrmann from Logan Finance discusses non-standard loan products, for self-employed and investors.