Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home or Start a Business?

Jeff explores how information from the political arena influences the real estate market and propels entrepreneurs to get that new business going.  He also looks into the correlation between school restarting and the greater availability of housing inventory, coupled with the expected tapering from the Fed in the fall, which will affect markets and rates.  Many entrepreneurs have started or are considering starting new businesses since the onset of the pandemic, and this week Jeff brings in some experts to divulge marketing strategies aimed at reaching the largest audience possible.  Featured in this episode:  

- Bambi Olesky from Keller Williams discusses the California housing market. 

- Tim O'Keefe of Spider Juice Technologies joins Jeff to talk about SEO and marketing.  

- Nina Penny from Malibu Funding shares the latest on reverse mortgages.

- Jaime Kinser of explains how entrepreneurs can jump-start their businesses.