The Ripple Effects of Covid and Weather on Real Estate

Jeff looks into the ways Covid and weather-related incidents/disasters are affecting the overall condition of the real estate market.  The manner in which different areas are reopening based on CDC and local guidelines varies widely during this time of Covid, and there is no consistent approach on the national level.  Some of the challenges of trying to remedy the lack of housing lie in the availability of energy and proper infrastructure, and steps are being taken to modify local zoning laws to speed up the development and building processes.  California laws have changed little in the previous 20 years except when safety is a concern, namely whether a region has less water to sustain high-occupancy dwellings or a fault line has been identified.  What solutions are available to help mitigate the shortage?  Jeff's guests this week include:

- LaWanna Bradford of The Bradford Group discusses the housing market, including rentals, and flipping.

- Eddie Rael from Realty 1 of New Mexico talks about Real Estate as an investment. 

- Darren Woodworth of Malibu Funding shares what’s happening in the Northern California market.