An Interesting Summer in the Housing Market

It's an interesting summer, as we have hit the anticipated recovery rate coupled with the oddity of the increasing number of properties on the market at substantially higher prices (as well as the number of people who are now able to qualify for a new home), along with dropping interest rates. There is a big fight for mortgage brokers, with the pool of people who can do loans and refis shrinking, and a battle is being waged with Quicken, United Wholesale, and independent companies to bring the best choices available to potential homeowners.  What programs are good today, what will be good in the future, and how do rates affect the decision for choosing a QM or non-QM loan?  How do loan officers help highly competitive borrowers have the advantage to win the bid in the purchase market?  Jeff and his guests outline how this summer’s unique circumstances are being addressed and what professionals are doing to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of consumers.  Featured in this episode:

- Maria Schroeder of Quontic Bank specializes in strategies helping the self-employed, immigrants, and low-income borrowers.

- Brenda Scott from Malibu Funding talks about the CalHFA program for 100% financing as well as cash-out refinancing.  

- Charles Giscombe, also of Malibu Funding, discusses non-traditional loans and helping buyers compete for the heavy market.