Big Surprises and Breakthroughs in the Bond Market

Jeff comments on the surprising direction the bond market has taken, going in the opposite direction than had been predicted.  Is there another bubble on the way?  The ability to repay rule is changing and the qualifications for QM loans are being redefined along with it.  The pricing structure of loans will be reflective of the current rate plus a percentage.  Which types of loans will be the better deals?  Jeff's guests this week:

- Jill Denton of eXp Realty joins Jeff from the Lake Tahoe area, where homes cost 40% more than a year ago.

- Connie Hernandez from PMA Covina reports that many offers on homes in Southern California are being made for $30-$40,000 above list price in this competitive market.

- Laura Preege of Spring EQ talks about 2nd mortgages and how they work with down payments.