The Secrets of Bio-hacking with Ari Rastegar

Celebrity Real Estate Tycoon Ari Rastegar, known as the 'Oracle of Austin', shares Bio-hacking secrets as the reason for his success. The self-made mogul parlayed a $3k loan into a real estate empire, boasting hundreds of millions in residential, commercial, and industrial assets all while living a regimented healthy lifestyle. This 38-year-old father of three credits his intense personal development regimen and bio-optimism for the expansion of his burgeoning business.

Ari's day starts at 5:30 am with a 20-40 minute-long transcendental meditation and drinking purified alkaline (Ophora) water. Afterward, he listens to incantation audio, which includes lifetime affirmations. He drinks his coffee and has a breakfast of only low glycemic foods. Before 8 am, he does 3x weekly sessions in the hyperbaric chamber for 70 minutes to spike stem cells, all while meditating again. Throughout a day of real estate deals, he takes 125-150 pills. Every evening he hits the gym and eats a healthy dinner, taking two magnesium pills, melatonin, and a supplement called Pharmagabba to slow down brain waves before bed. He does one more transcendental meditation at night, where he reviews his day and his blessings. Finally, Ari goes to sleep on a machine called a chilly pad to regulate the temperature of his mattress to a cool 67 for bedtime.

Ari says his transcendental meditation benefits the real estate business because it brings more consciousness, calmness, and compassion. It brings lower cortisol levels, which means lower stress. That way, he feels he can make more clear-headed decisions that come from a place of love and awareness.