Taxes, Benefits, Government Relief - How are Small Businesses Being Affected?

Charles Jeane, Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy Assistant Chief Counsel in Washington DC, chats with Mike on taxes, benefits, and government relief for small businesses during and coming out of the pandemic.  Listen to what’s on the plate in Washington DC and how small businesses are being impacted.  

Charles Jeane, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, joined the SBA Office of Advocacy in September 2018. Previously, Charles served as a senior attorney-advisor at the U.S. Tax Court and a policy advisor to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He has also worked in private practice and has been a law professor. Charles earned his BA in Journalism/Mass Communications from Samford University, his JD, cum laude, from the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law, and his LLM in taxation from Georgetown. At Advocacy, Charles is the Assistant Chief Counsel for tax, employee benefits, SEC/FINRA, commodities, financial accounting, alcohol, and tobacco policy issues.

To learn more and to contact Charles, he can be reached at (202) 205-7168 or  The SBA website is


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