About the SBCA

Understanding the SBCA

Paula Calimafde, Chair of the Small Business Council of America (SBCA), is my guest. Paula leads the SBCA out of Washington DC. The SBCA is a national organization that represents US small business and professional practitioners on Capitol Hill and in the Administration as an advocate for favorable tax, benefits and estate tax legislation. About one-third of SBCA members are advisors for family and privately owned businesses – lawyers, accountants, actuaries, financial planners, insurance advisors and plan administrators. Our Advisory Boards are made up of the leading small business experts in the country. We are proud to have the leaders of national and state bar, CPA, pension and actuarial and insurance associations and state and local estate planning councils as our members. The faculty for the major tax, employee benefits and health care conferences almost always include SBCA Board or Advisory Board members. This expertise allows us to understand, analyze and track tax legislation that affects small businesses. Because of our expertise, we are not “conned” by the misleading summaries of tax bills which stress how changes are for simplification, equity or reform. Perhaps our most important function is being able to change tax legislation before it becomes law to ensure that small business benefits. Most SBCA members are businesses whose owners know that tax and benefit issues are critical to their success and security. These members want to know what’s going on in Washington that could affect their business and they want to have a voice in Washington. We’ve been told more than once by prominent staff members on the Hill that our grass roots efforts are nothing short of astounding. www.sbca.net


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