We all love to be entertained - and there’s no shortage of diversions to captivate a perpetually
amusement-hungry audience. Check out what’s trending to feed our cultural appetites.

Music!  Movies!  Social media!  The entertainent industry has just exploded in the age of technology.  There are so many new ways to produce and enjoy the performing arts alongside our cherished traditions of moviegoing, TV watching and listening to music.  We now have social media influencers, Zoom-produced movies and music videos (celebs have even gotten in on the act!) and streaming media (Binge watch your favorite shows!  On your phone!  Wherever you go!) - there's so much amazing amateur and professional talent to enjoy and not enough hours in the day to keep up with it all!  Our media mavens know who's hot, where to catch popular bands and when you can expect the next movie from your star crush.