There’s so much more to sports than just which teams you support and the games that you
play. We’ll get to know the people behind the jerseys, from the sandlots to the big arenas.

Whether you're an avid sportsperson or an armchair quarterback, sports have a way of forging a community of devoted fans.  Interested in what athletes do once their days on the field/diamond/court are over?  We have avid enthusiasts who will delve into the post-competitor passions of some amazing former pros.  Maybe the college and amateur circuits are more your speed?  Looking for a new workout?  Want to re-engage in a sport you love?  Listen in and get off the couch as our podcasters showcase the championship highs and the devastating lows that are part and parcel of loving our favorite athletic pastimes.


The Sports Quarter

The Sports Quarter is the place for fun discussions in fifteen minutes on sporting events around the world. The passionate and crisp exchanges of views with the players, coaches, and referees in Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, etc. will make your adrenaline flow.

BLEAV Sports

Fred Wallin, veteran local and national radio/television sports talk host, explores sports from every angle - media, business, collectibles, and wagering.  Tune in and discover all you ever wanted to know about sports … and so much more. 

After The Glory

The elite athlete gets to the upper echelon of his or her sport through incredibly hard work that starts as a child and usually dominates their young lives, often at the expense of their education and social lives. In other words, the end of an elite athlete’s career means the start of a life that will last many, many more years than the time spent on the field of play. Has such an athlete prepared for life “after the glory”?

This podcast is about the lives of athletes who dedicated their blood, sweat, tears and passion to a game or sport for which they became identified as one of only a few to reach the ultimate level of achievement. Fewer still stay on top and all eventually have to walk away.

Were they ready for the decades of life ahead of them?

What did they learn "After the Glory"?