Much of your health is determined by the luck of the genetic draw, but you have choices on how
you can improve the quality of your presence on the planet. We’ll identify ways to augment your
overall health and recognize how the mind-body connection works.

Your health is about so much more than just how you are physically.  It's affected by everything you do - what you eat, the stress of everyday living, the amount of exercise you are (or aren't) getting on a regular basis.  Learn how to take control of how you respond to external stressors through mindfulness, find out what foods support your resistance to disease and discover alternative medical treatments when traditional simply isn't working.  Explore the concept of integrative health, where allopathic (traditional) medicine partners with such alternative practices as supplements, acupuncture and reiki to offer more of a holistic approach to treat the whole person.  Hear from experts who will help you tune in to what your body is telling you and empower you to live your best life.                                                                  


Late Night Health

Late Night Health is designed to empower healthcare consumers to take charge of their own health. The show started when our host, Mark Alyn, experienced back pain and his insurance company refused to cover the problem.