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On our Legal Channel - On the latest episode of Masters of Dispute Resolution, Len Levy welcomes Phyllis W. Cheng, Esq., former Director of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), the largest state civil rights agency in the United States.  As Director, Ms. Cheng oversaw six and seven-figure settlements, including the largest settlements in DFEH history.  Join Len and Phyllis as they discuss creative approaches to resolution and what mediation participants can accomplish if they enter the process open to a problem-solving approach.

On our Financial Channel - On The Anderson Files, Arnold Anisgarten, CPA, joins Mike to discuss making a success of the backside of a start-up business.  Beyond financing a start-up business, there are many areas that need to be carefully considered and addressed for a new business to be successful and not fall victim to a flameout. In this episode, Arnold navigates listeners through that success path.

On our Health Channel - Tune in to Late Night Health to hear guest Richard Cheu, author of Love Letters From Janey: 50 Years of Breaking Barriers Together, explain the impact of discrimination toward the Asian American community, and gain some insight into the history of racial bigotry and prejudice, both subtle and overt, that many Asian Americans are still experiencing today. Mark also welcomes Greg Macpherson, biotechnologist, pharmacist, and author of Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging, to share the latest news about eggs, including the three nutrients found in egg yolks that help improve immune health.

On our Sports Channel - We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our Sports Channel, The Sports Quarter with Sid Patki.  The Sports Quarter is the place for fun discussions in fifteen minutes on sporting events around the world, showcasing crisp exchanges of views with players, coaches, and referees on Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and more.

On this Special Bonus Episode of After The Glory, Gary and Lucy are excited to be speaking with baseball pitching legend Tommy John.  Tommy became an accomplished left-handed pitcher in the major leagues with one of the longest careers in history, due in no small measure to the historic elbow surgery first done on him that now bears his name.  And all for a simple reason: he loved playing the game.  Tune in for a fascinating conversation with one of baseball’s greats.

On our Business Channel - Welcome to host John Cronin and Invent Anything, joining PodClips as the inaugural show for the Business Channel. Listen in as John shares his expertise to help demystify the invention-creation process to bring value to your business and your life.