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On our Legal Channel - We are excited to announce the addition of Masters of Dispute Resolution with Len Levy to our Legal Channel.  A nationally respected mediator and neutral for over twenty years and honored with the designation of Super Lawyer in Alternative Dispute Resolution since 2014, Len brings his expertise and perspective to provide clarity and insight into the world of legal mediation.  His guests, all seasoned legal professionals, will share ways to help bring about the best possible outcomes for attorneys and their clients.

On our Financial Channel - On The Anderson Files, Mike interviews Jim Blasingame, award-winning author, syndicated radio host, and syndicated columnist, to discuss the huge impact of the current supply chain issue on small business and the challenges facing small business in the marketplace.

On our Health Channel - Tune in to Late Night Health as Mark talks with Rachel Hutchisson, VP of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy at Blackbaud about the importance of GivingTuesday and how giving during one-day and year-round campaigns can truly change lives.

On our Sports ChannelWe are pleased to bring aboard veteran TV and radio sports talk show host Fred Wallin and his show, BLEAV Sports with Fred Wallin.  He and co-host Art Sorce examine all aspects of sports from a business perspective and share what REALLY happens inside the sporting world.

Season 4 of After The Glory continues with Willie Banks, one of America’s greatest and most popular track and field athletes of the ‘70s and ’80s. As one of the nation's most gifted triple jumpers, he set a world record in 1985, was a member of both the 1984 and 1988 U.S. Olympic teams, and continues to set world records as an elite “Masters” champion in the triple jump.

On our Business Channel - Welcome to host John Cronin and Invent Anything, joining PodClips as the inaugural show for the Business Channel. Listen in as John shares his expertise to help demystify the invention-creation process to bring value to your business and your life.